I Joined the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
As a Plaintiff’s Injury Trial Lawyer, I am proud to announce that I joined the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA)

What is the Mission of the CTLA?

The CTLA has a great Mission: 

“To protect the rights of the individual, advance trial advocacy skills, and promote high ethical standards and professionalism in the ongoing effort to preserve and improve the American system of jurisprudence.”

So what does it mean to be a member of the CTLA?

Joining the CTLA means that as a trial lawyer, I am helping to protect consumers! The CTLA works tirelessly to:

  • Increase public safety, and
  • Protect the right to trial by jury.

Insurance Reform

Big corporations and insurance companies spend untold amounts of money every year to avoid paying injured consumers. They try to limit the consumers right to a jury trial. It’s through jury trial and the tort system that the average person gets access to justice. Regular people would be powerless to fight big companies and insurance without the right to a jury trial. Negligent manufacturers and companies would escape accountability without that right. 

Insurance companies try to play hardball against Colorado families. When someone is injured in an auto accident, the last thing they need is a fight against their insurance company. But that’s exactly what happens. Insurance companies fight injured Colorado families everyday to avoid paying the injured the benefits they paid to receive. Because the insurance companies fight against paying injured families, the insurance industry has average profits exceeding $30 billion dollars a year. And Insurance CEOs are typically the highest paid in any industry! Where do they get that money?

Insurance companies get that money from you! You pay your monthly premiums in exchange for coverage. But when you need that coverage, your insurance company hires lawyers to avoid paying you on that coverage. That’s not right! You paid for coverage. You are entitled to the benefit of that coverage. That’s why I joined the CTLA.  

Patient Safety

More individuals die from preventable medical errors than from auto accidents. Medical negligence claims accounted for less than .05% of all lawsuits filed in Colorado. But as many as nearly 6,000 people are injured or die as result of medical errors. The medical lobby has strong protection. They try hard to prevent victims from being compensated. That’s why the CTLA fights!

Environmental Safety

The CTLA fights for you when companies produce unsafe products. When they pollute the environment, or cheat employees and shareholders.  

 The CTLA fights when companies and business fail to do the right thing. The CTLA fights for justice!