Criminal Defense

I am a former felony prosecutor. I have successfully prosecuted and defended some of the most serious felony cases.

My Florida office is conveniently located in downtown Sarasota, but I travel to all surrounding areas to assist my clients that have been charged with crimes. I handle nearly all serious criminal charges. Clink any of the links or titles below for more information about the specific crime or topics related to criminal procedure. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, or if you have questions, please feel free to Contact Me for a free consultation. 

Violent Crimes

  • Assault
    • Aggravated Assault
  • Battery
    • Aggravated Battery
    • Felony Battery
    • Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
    • Battery By Strangulation
    • Battery on a Pregnant Woman
  • Culpable Negligence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery
    • Robbery By Sudden Snatching
    • Robbery with a Deadly Weapon
    • Robbery with a Firearm
    • Home invasion Robbery
    • Carjacking

Sex Crimes

  • Lewd or Lascivious Acts (“L & L”)
    • L & L Battery
    • L & L Conduct
    • L & L Exhibition
    • L & L Molestation
  • Sexual Battery (Rape)
  • Unlawful Sex with Minors (Statutory Rape)
  • Sex Sting Cases 
  • Soliciting a Child for Unlawful Sexual Conduct by Using a Computer
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Romeo & Juliet Laws
  • Sexual Offender / Sexual Predator Registration
  • Child Pornography
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Theft & Fraud

  • Grand Theft
    • First Degree
    • Second Degree 
    • Third Degree
  • Petit Theft
    • First Degree
    • Second Degree
  • Employee Theft
  • Dealing in Stolen Property
  • Defrauding a Pawn Broker
  • Failure to Return Leased Property

Weapon Charges

  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon
  • Carrying a Concealed Firearm
  • Improper Exhibition of a Dangerous Weapon or Firearm
  • Discharging a Firearm in Public
  • Shooting or Throwing Deadly Missiles
  • Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon
  • Possession or Discharge of a Destructive Device

Crimes Against Children

  • Child Abuse
    • Aggravated Child Abuse
  • Child Neglect
    • Aggravated Child Neglect
  • Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
  • Failure to Report Child Abuse or Neglect
  • Leaving a Child Alone in a vehicle

Property Crimes

  • Burglary of a Dwelling
    • Burglary of a Structure
    • Burglary of a ConveyanceBurglary
    • Trespass
  • Possession of Burglary Tools
  • Criminal Mischief


Drug Crimes

  • Drug Crimes in Florida
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Sale of Marijuana
  • Cultivation of Marijuana
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Conspiracy to Sell or Traffic Illegal Drugs
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Possession with Intent to Sell
  • Introduction of Contraband into a Detention Facility

Driving Charges

  • Driving While License Suspended
  • Habitual Traffic Offender
  • No Valid Driver’s License
  • DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Criminal Procedure

Unlicensed Offenses